When Rowena and Gregg asked me to be their Tunnels Beaches wedding photographer for their wedding in October, I was always going to say yes, I just LOVE this place, at any time of year, Tunnels Beaches is simply stunning. Of course, the weather in October may not be as bright, warm and sunny as the summer, but it is still stunningly beautiful, perhaps more so!

The weather of course did not disappoint, with amber flood warnings, which closed many roads in to Ilfracombe that morning, and it was the first time I have seen rain inside the Tunnels themselves!

The amazing thing about this wedding though, was that Row and Gregg just got on with it, made the most of it, and didn’t let the weather get them down, not one bit. Optimism that the rain would stop meant they were determined to get married outside (and the rain did stop just in time). Cold? What cold! In the magic of the moment, with such an amazing view out from Tunnels Beaches across the Bristol Channel, goosebumps were there not because of the cold, but for other reasons.

And ever optimistic, just as dusk approached the sky began to clear, and we were blessed with the most glorious sunset, the perfect end to the perfect day. One thing I always say to couples is to make the most of your wedding, whatever the weather. Cold, or a splash of rain are easily forgotten, whereas moments in beautiful light last for eternity.

If you are getting married at the amazing Tunnels Beaches, at any time of year and are looking for a wedding photographer then please drop me a line, I’d love to hear about your day – rain or shine, the photos will be amazing! I’m proud to be one of the photographers that Tunnels Beaches reccomend.

 Supplier Love

Here are a few of the other suppliers who made Rowena and Gregg’s wedding at Tunnels Beaches a complete success.

Venue – Tunnels Beaches

Hair – Salt

Band – Ride the Fire

Flowers – Sweet Williams Flowers

Photography – Robin Goodlad Photography 



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