Because nobody wants their wedding day to feel like a photoshoot.

You’re not models, you don’t know how to pose, you don’t want to feel awkward, and under pressure to look your best. It’s a confidence thing, and EVERY couple I work with are the same in this respect, I hate having my photo taken too, because there is an expectation that you should know how to look great.

So why should this part of the day be any different to the rest of your day? Why should this part of the day be one to be worried about, rather than enjoyed?

But the thing is, you can enjoy this. Taking some time to yourselves for photos is about so much more than ‘portraits’.

Taking time out is time for you as a couple to have that first conversation with each other, because the wedding day moves so fast, you hardly get the chance. “You’ll never believe what happened this morning” or “did you see what my dad did?”. It’s a time for sharing, it’s precious time.

And when you are reminiscing, and celebrating your excitement together, there are so many moments that just happen. Little nuggets of affection, a touch, a smile, it is all real, and authentic. There is no need to pose, or to be directed, you simply enjoy the moment, and I do the rest!

It’s as if I’m not there. It’s just the two of you out for a wander, enjoying the moment. I gently guide you along the way, and hunt for those moments of magic, just as I document every other part of the day.

I build all of my images around my core principles of beautiful composition and gorgeous light. these form the structure, and it is simply a case of you being in the frame, and sharing moments together, while I observe from a distance. I might make little suggestions which I know will make the photo even better, such as a little more connection between you, or for the groom to move the lazy hand he’s not quite sure what to do with, and that’s it.

Looking amazing has never been so easy!

How does it work?


We choose the best time

So it has minimal impact on your day

Before the wedding, we plan the best time windows to head off for a few photos, maybe 10 minutes at a time, that’s all we need. Some like to go early so they can get back to time with guests and not think about photos, others like to leave it till later when they are more relaxed. it’s your day, it’s totally up to you. Personally I recommend heading off straight after you’ve done the group photos as it follows naturally, and then head out agin later on when you are even more relaxed, and the light gets better and better. It’s your choice.


I choose the best light and locations

With careful preplanning

I’ll spend time exploring the venue during breaks in the day, so when the time is right, we head off where we need to go, and no time is wasted. For me it’s about using the best backdrops I find, but it’s also about what’s personal to you, so if you want to drive to the beach, or wander up the mountain, I’m right there!


We go for a walk, or two!

Around your venue, or further afield if you wish

And I just encourage you to be yourselves. To enjoy the moment. It’s that simple. And we come away with a beautiful set of genuine photos.