Every great photograph starts with a great background

Unique and original, beautiful photography backgrounds and backdrops for food, blog, creative and craft photographers and stylists.

A great photo starts with a great background, the backdrop is where you start and the image builds from there. As a professional food photographer, I work in my own studio, but I also spend a lot of time travelling to work with clients in their kitchens. And this means travelling with a vast array of backgrounds and backdrops. 

Some of my favourite backdrops are old French wooden doors I have acquired on my travels, which are rather heavy and cumbersome! It’s a lot to carry if you never know which background you need. 

I’ve also seen so many gorgeous backdrops on my travels, walls and doors I wish I could just take home with me! So this is where the idea for The Backdrop Shop originated, a means to take very portable versions of my favourite backgrounds anywhere and everywhere. And now you can do the same too. 

The backgrounds are all A1 size, (3ft x 2ft – 84 x 59cm), which is the perfect size for a flatlay. Crucially, each print is ‘life size’ so the detail you see is the same size as the original material, so it will be in true proportion. Each image is carefully photographed in neutral light to ensure there are no harsh shadows. They are custom printed on durable and wipe-clean 400 micron PVC, and can be rolled or stored flat. Each print is made as a one-off print, then delivered to you in a cardboard tube. They are the perfect backdrop for telling your photographic story, whatever that may be.

The website is currently having a bit of a refresh, but if there is anything a particular you are looking for, let me know and I will see what I can do!