Sally and James had the perfect Dorset summer’s day for their wedding at the Tithe Barn Symondsbury, and it was a privilege to be their wedding photographer. I have been excited about this wedding for a while, I love barn weddings and the Tithe barn is spectacular, recently refurbished, with a fantastic huge skylight allowing natural light to pour in. The gardens are beautiful, and nestling under Colmers Hill, the setting is quintessential Dorset. Sally and James wanted some photographs on the beach, and I knew the perfect spot, with the fabulous beach at Seatown only a mile away.

As a couple, Sally and James contribute a huge amount to Dorset, Sally is a stalwart with the Dorset Wildlife Trust, and James’ face might not be familiar, but his voice certainly is, as presenter of the breakfast show on Wessex FM.

Sadly, Sally suffered a terrible family tragedy only a few months before the wedding when her mother passed away suddenly. Carrying on with a wedding in such tragic circumstances is never easy, and I am so pleased that they chose to continue with the day as planned, it was a great tribute to her mother, and the family, and she was ever present with little reminders through the day, and a candle that burned continuously. It was always going to be an emotionally charged day which needed photographing respectfully and quietly, yet above all, the happiness shone through. The perfect Dorset country wedding.

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Wedding venue – Symondsbury Estate weddings

the dress – Wedding Time Uk, Dorchester –

The band, who were brilliant – Hustle Band Weymouth