Robin Goodlad Photography – Bookings 2020-21


These are the dates for which I am already booked for 2020-21, if you are looking for options to postpone your wedding. If your chosen date is not on the list below, then I am free, and I am yours for your new date!

My specific approach to avoid cancellations where I can is to provide an associate photographer for you if you choose a new date which I am unable to do. This photographer would be of equal calibre and style to myself, and you get to choose from a variety of options, all of whom are established primary photographers themselves.

Last updated – 20th July 2020


Fri 21st August

Thurs 27th August

Mon 31st August


Sat 19th September

Sat 26th September


Wed 7th October

Thursday 15th October

Sat 24th October

Mon 26th October

Sat 31st October


Sat 19th December


Sat 27th February

Sun 28th February


Thursday 1st April

Sat 10th April

Saturday 17th April

Sat 30th April


Sat 8th May

Sat 15th May

Fri 21st May

Thurs 27th May

Saturday 29th May


Thurs 3rd June

Sat 5th June

Friday 11th June


Saturday 3rd July

Sat 17th July

Sat 24th July

Thurs 29th July

Saturday 31st July


Friday 6th August

Saturday 7th August

Thursday 19th August


Sat 4th September


Saturday 16th October


Saturday 18th December