Smedmore House is a simply stunning location for a wedding, perched above the sea near Kimmeridge, on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. I was super excited about being the wedding photographer for Katy and Dan’s big day, their plans matched my style perfectly, and we worked together closely to ensure the coverage was exactly as they wanted.

The house is full of period character, and a dream to photograph, with beautiful pools of light in between centuries of antiques, and full length shutters allowing control of the light. Having full use of the house for the weekend is a fantastic day of making the most of the venue, and allowing the family some luxury for the weekend, a fabulous idea.

The service itself took place in the glorious Kingston Church, known as the cathedral of the Purbecks, with its enormous and beautiful gothic interior.

Katy and Dan loved the idea of visiting the highest point in East Dorset, Swyre Head, for both their engagement shoot and on the wedding day. I loved their sense of adventure, overcoming logistical difficulties of how to get there, miles from the road, but they did it. The weather was (very!) unkind, but this didn’t dampen the majesty of the surroundings, looking out to sea. It was extremely breezy to say the least, but this does make the veil do some incredible things, every cloud! Fortunately we just missed the following storm while atop the hill, and what a storm it was! Whilst the horizontal rain did curtail the reception outdoors, it did bring that great British spirit of everyone pulling together and making the most of things, including the ushers carrying all the guests to the marquee. Everyone still had a perfect time, though I did need to buy a new umbrella after it was written off by the wind!

The party was amazing, and I kept shooting till at least 10 as always when there is so much to document, and then the party carried on late in to the night in the marquee which Katy and Dan had beautifully decorated with fairly lights and lanterns. The weather outside was long forgotten.

As always, I’ll let the pictures tell the story….

Purbeck Wedding Photographer
Purbeck wedding photography
Smedmore House wedding photographer Dorset

Smedmore House weddings 

Photography – Purbeck wedding photographer Robin Goodlad Photography 


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