Getting the most out of your online gallery

Hi there!

Your online gallery is an incredible resource, and there is a huge amount that you can do with it as the main clients, and hopefully it should be as intuitive as possible. However that also means there can be quite a bit to learn as it can be complicated, so I’d recommend having a good read through this guide, and bookmarking it for future reference.



Here is a quick reminder of the main features;

The gallery is live for 12 months from your wedding date, after which there is the option to extend it for as long as you like, as a subscription.

As the main clients, you have the ability to download all photos in both web resolution, and full resolution. Please make sure you do, so that you have your own back up copies for safe keeping, as soon as possible. I’d strongly reccomend using a cloud backup as well such as Dropbox, which you can do directly from the gallery.

The slideshow is yours to download also.

There are two sharing links in your initial delivery email- One to share the gallery with guests so they will not be able view but not download photos, and the second to share with close family perhaps, and they will be able to download the images in full resolution.

You can hide any images that you don’t want guests to see, and they will only be visible to you, in a gallery called ‘hidden photos’. However, if you want to create a curated collection to share, it is better to select your favourites and share these with guests or family instead of hiding the ones you don’t want to include, but  wish to see yourselves. Please see the sharing video below for more detail.

There is an online store where you or guests can order a wide range of products.

You can design and order albums online, but for a more bespoke experience, please get in touch directly and I can design the album for you.



 Below are a few useful videos to help you make the most of the features

If you have any questions, or need a little help, please get in touch.

How to navigate through your gallery

How to share your gallery

How to download your photos 

How to create an album