I photograph many weddings, and each and every one is unique to the couple, and beautifully different because of this. Once in a while, along comes a wedding which really stands out, ands Anne-Marie and Timothy’s wedding was certainly one of these.

Why? Simple. It is love, when two people clearly love each other so much that it shows throughout the day, and you can see how inseparable they are, and how they are just perfect for each other. It is truly heartwarming to see, and to know that such a couple are going to be together forever. Although both quite young and still at University, Anne-Marie and Timothy are just perfect for each other, and theirs will be a very long and happy marriage.  A big part of my role of photographer is to observe, and see how couple interact, to capture those moments of pure emotion. There were so many at Anne-Marie and Timothy’s wedding, it was such a pleasure to be a part of it, and record all those little details, and the tears of pure happiness.

Anne-Marie and Timothy met whilst studying at Magdalen College Oxford, so this was the perfect location for their engagement shoot, around the grounds of the magnificent Magdalen College. Although this was a practice shoot before the wedding, something I always encourage so we can look at ways to make the best of the photography in the day, They just fitted together like they belonged, the perfect combination. We wandered the cloisters and grounds whilst choirs sang, and I knew the wedding would be just perfect.

The wedding took place in Surrey, a close family affair, but Oxford was at it’s heart. Anne-Marie’s mother, a very talented florist make all the flowers, and the rest of the family were there every step of the way. There were tears of happiness throughout, re-assuring squeezes, and Tim’s tears of joy as he saw Anne-Marie walk down the aisle were priceless, love was everywhere.

As always though, I’ll let the photos tell the story! Magdalen college oxford wedding photography Magdalen college oxford wedding photography Magdalen college oxford wedding photography