Photography is what defines me, it is for me a clear channel of communication. My passion and goal is to capture the very essence of what defines you, your family, or your cherished pet, whoever or whatever the subject. Getting to know you is therefore essential.

I achieve this by putting you in environment which is entirely comfortable and relaxing, and natural to you. We would work closely to choose a location which suits you perfectly, and in which you can shine. This could be in your home, or exploring summer meadows, woodlands, sand dunes, wherever you feel comfortable. I much prefer working in natural locations, with stunning natural light rather than in a studio with pre-determined light, to me the results are so much more beautiful and real.

It is entirely natural to feel nervous in front of the camera, indeed I feel the same! So we start gently, and as we progress, you will feel much more confident, and this is when the most beautiful images are often made.

I would always encourage you to give as much time as you can to the shoot, at least two hours, so that we can work gently through some beautiful photography. Photographs of this quality shouldn’t be rushed, and it is important that you feel at ease, and you will find yourself starting to relax more and more as we progress through the shoot. It is a wonderful experience, and I would quite happily shoot all day, to ensure I really get a feel for who you are and what is important to you, through my photography.

Careful planning is essential, and we will make sure that every element of your shoot looks perfect, through styling and props to match the location, so that we can create a piece of wall at you can be truly proud of. That is my ultimate goal, something which will take pride of place for you and for generations to come.

I have my own family, and a diverse collection of animals. I understand them, and work on those perfect moments in the same way.

​Please look through the lifestyle portrait gallery to get a true feel for my work.

Session fee £95 – including 5 digital downloads, and £50 of print credits. to find out more please email or call me, to book a session or a voucher please pop over to the online store

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