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Epic photography telling the story of your wedding or elopement in Lapland, Norway and Arctic Scandinavia

Lapland and Norway wedding photography with the Northern Lights

Wedding photography in Lapland and the Arctic

Lapland is the most magical place to get married, an incredibly diverse wilderness that evokes feelings of being in Narnia, with beautiful forests, stunning fjords, and of course the northern lights, or aurora borealis. You have chosen to get married in Lapland for a reason, and choosing a photographer with a passion for and understanding of Lapland is important. While I am based in the UK as an established award winning photographer, as a destination photographer I am always happy to travel, and Lapland is a place very close to my heart. If you are planning to get married in Lapland and are looking for a photographer from the UK to take with you, then please get in touch. I would stay in Lapland for longer than the wedding, so we could always head off somewhere for some additional portraits the day before or after your wedding, to capture even more of your wedding story in the incredible landscape. I am also an award winning Landscape Photographer, and capturing the beauty of the landscape is integral to my work.

Choosing the right photographer for a wedding in Lapland

Lapland is a country of incredible beauty that makes you feel like you have stepped into a fairytale, and also extremes. With the polar night, you get beautiful pink skies, but there is limited light in the winter, and working with changeable weather, you really need a photographer who understands the environment, the weather and how to create the best opportunities, but one who cal also work in challenging conditions . This is where I come in, as a wedding photographer with a background in wilderness exploration, winter expedition leadership, meteorology, and above all, a deep understanding and passion for the wild landscapes. My aim is always to tell the story of the incredible landscape that you have chosen, and I am full equipped to work in challenging environments, and with the cold.

“For couples who really value their photography, but don’t want it to take over the day.”


Lapland wedding photographer

Hi, I’m Robin, a photographer with a deep affinity for elopement weddings and adventure weddings in beautiful places. Lapland is a place I love, and I am well adapted to working in a challenging environment, to make your coverage as effortless as possible, to get you som incredible portraits with the minimum of fuss. 

Dancing under the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights

It’s everyone’s dream to see the aurora or northern lights, and while you can get lucky, having a photographer on board who knows exactly what to look for and when, and how to maximise the opportunities which will make a huge difference. I have chased the aurora myself, and know the best ways to capture this incredible spectacle, so if there is a chance, then I will find them.  For something so important as a memory of your wedding day, it is crucial to know the right time and place to be able to enjoy the northern lights. 

northern lights aurora borealis wedding photography
lapland snow chapel northern lights hut wedding photography

Lapland wedding venues

There are so many incredible venues to choose from in Lapland, whether in Finland, Norway or Sweden. Some of the most magical include the Snow chapel or the Snow Hotel near Levi and Kittila, a seasonal venue hand crafted from snow and ice, or perhaps the Kakslauttanen arctic resort with it’s own snow church and glass igloos which are perfect for viewing the aurora borealis.  Then of course there is the ski resort of Levi with numerous cosy hotels. There are so many ways to make the wedding trip memorable, with Husky sledding, snowmobile trips, Reindeer sleigh rides and feeding, and maybe even a visit to see Santa Claus himself in Rovaniemi!

The magic of Lapland

Lapland is a region like no other, which encompasses the area north of the Arctic Circle, in Norway, Sweden and Finland, though it is perhaps most famously associated with finland, and Santa Claus. It is in winter, when the temperature rarely rises above zero degrees, that Lapland takes on it’s magical appearance, with trees cloaked in snow, and twinkling glitter in the sky, while being bathed in a beautiful pink light, as the sun hardly rises, so you get what feels like sunset for the whole day. It is truly captivating.  

Planning the perfect wedding in Lapland

One of the most magical things about Lapland is the 8 seasons, and each one is perfect for weddings, whether under the midnight sun, or the polar night with a festive feel. There are so many incredible venues for a wedding and nobody does crisp cold weather and cosiness like the Finns. Whether the seasonal and incredible Ice Hotel, or a beautiful log cabin or kota wedding, there are so many options.

There is so much more to wedding photography

than the day itself –

It’s about reminding you how it felt,

With photography that tells your story beautifully.



A selection of my favourite images of weddings in Lapland and Scandinavia.

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