The Wedding Photography Journey

There is so much more to wedding photography than the day itself.

Here is an outline of what you might expect before and after your wedding.


Photography is an investment

one of the most important you will make

After the wedding cake has been eaten, it is the one tangible thing that remains from your day. Making the right choice of photographer is essential, and one which should be taken with care. The journey you go on with your photographer is really important, so that on the day you have complete confidence and can relax, enjoy your wedding, and not even think about photography, which is what it is all about.

I always try to meet my clients several times before the wedding,  and often later in life when perhaps there is a family to photograph too. I am with you every step of the way.


A bespoke experience

a reflection of you

Every wedding is different, and you want your day to be unique to you. In my mind, the photography should not be prescriptive and dictate the flow of your day, it should be an honest record of what really happened. 

And to be able to do this, I really need to understand you as a couple, and what makes you who you are. Its not just about the day, and I always like to stay in touch in the run up to your wedding.

Over time, we build a relationship and an understanding through unlimited meetings and possibly a pre-wedding shoot, to ensure the coverage on your day depicts you to perfection.


Consider a pre-wedding shoot

Get comfortable

Not everyone feels entirely comfortable in front of a camera, myself included. If this is you, then you will probably feel nervous about being in the spotlight on your day, which is entirely normal. Firstly, the documentary style will probably work very well for you, as you can forget the photographer is there. 

if you are still unsure, an engagement or pre-wedding shoot can be perfect for getting to know your photographer and how the relationship will work on the day, encouraging you to relax, and feel at ease, as well as working through some ways you can really look your best in front of the camera. We can go somewhere that is special to you as a couple, to get images which truly reflect who you are.


Patiently waiting…

The build up to the day

You’ve made your plans, booked most of your key suppliers, then it can seem like an eternity for the day to come round! 

In this time, I send out a couple of useful guides for you, to help you get the most out of your photography, and to keep you inspired. 

I am also on hand to offer advice about timings on the day, or absolutely anything wedding related, I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and am always happy to help make your day that little bit better.

Planning guides

Unlimited advice and support



The Final stages

gathering all the important details

A month before, things really start to move forwards, and I send out a planning questionnaire to gather as much information as possible about your day. The key timings, who the most important people are, any family situations I might need to be aware of (so I don’t put my foot in it…), travel considerations that sort of thing. The questions themselves might lead to more questions for you, which is great, and we can just hop on a call any time and finalise the details.

it’s also the time to consider whether you want any group photos, and how many. This is totally up to you, so don’t feel the need to follow east others have done and shoot every combination, you can have as few as you want so it doesn’t have an impact on the flow of the day. I’ve created a little guide to the group photos here which will definitely help.


After the wedding

when do we get to see the photos!

Nobody likes waiting, including me! I am always excited to share photos with you as soon as possible, so I add a preview of around 20-30 of my favourites from the day to your online gallery. These are perfect for sharing with friends and family for socials, or for adding to thank you cards.

With the preview, you get a definitive delivery date for when your full collection will be ready. That’s a date for the diary, so you’ll never be wondering when the photos might be ready. This is usually around 6 weeks after the wedding.

When your gallery arrives, you have an incredible array of options for the photos. You can create your now personal collections and share these with different family or friends, so that not everyone gets to see the same photos. You can order prints, albums, anything.

Have look here to see an example of the gorgeous gallery you can expect to receive.

fine art album


Consider a wedding album


The album is the last thing you will make form the day, an heirloom which reflects your wedding story in a way that can be passed down through generations. The photos that make the album are your absolute favourites, and it takes time to learn and feel which are your most loved photographs.

For this reason, I feel a wedding album should never be rushed, it requires time. This is one of the main reasons I don’t tend to sell albums before the wedding, as it is the one thing that you can leave until afterwards, and then build up a budget just or this. You can of course have duplicates or smaller copies for family too.