Huntsham Court wedding photography

Huntsham Court is a stunning Victorian Gothic mansion located in Devon, England, known for its picturesque surroundings and elegant architecture. It is simply one of the best wedding venues there is, with so many opportunities for beautiful photos through your wedding day/

The mansion itself offers a stunning backdrop for wedding photography, with its grand facade, intricate details, and lush gardens. The beautiful architecture and surrounding landscapes are perfect to capture breathtaking shots of you and your guests

Inside the mansion, there are plenty of charming rooms, including the grand staircase, the elegant drawing rooms, and the ornate dining hall. These spaces provide unique settings for wedding portraits and candid shots, showcasing the couple and their loved ones in a luxurious and timeless atmosphere.

The perfect elegant venue in the Devon countryside.

Huntsham Court boasts plenty of natural light, which is my absolute favourite for capturing soft, romantic images. The large windows and airy spaces are perfect to create ethereal portraits and intimate moments bathed in natural sunlight.

Every wedding at Huntsham Court is unique, and I aim to capture the individual style and personality of each couple. Whether it’s a traditional ceremony, a bohemian celebration, or a modern affair, I work closely with you to understand their vision and tailor their approach accordingly.

An award wining wedding photographer

I’m based just over the county border in neighbouring Dorset, and Huntsham is a venue that fits perfectly with my style. I’m proud to be one of the Rangefinder Rising Stars of wedding Photography, as well as consistently in the Top 10 for the Masters in the UK, and Top 2 in England with the WPJA, which means you are in capable hands.

Your wedding at Huntsham Court

Overall, Huntsham Court provides a picturesque setting for wedding photography, with its timeless charm, scenic surroundings, and attention to detail making it a dream location for couples looking to capture their special day in style.

Huntsham Court



Huntsham Court?

If you are getting married at Huntsham Court please get in touch, I’d love to talk about your plans!

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