The Dorset Meat Company

The Project

For the Dorset Meat Company project, the objectives were clear. To be visible in a saturated online marketplace, the imagery needed to be truly beautiful, and to really appeal to the ideal customer who has a clear understanding and appreciation of the highest quality. The photographs had to match. They needed a beautiful aesthetic, which could only come with careful styling, beautiful light, and attention to detail. The images had to inspire the customer to want to purchase the product, as well as planting seeds for how they might use it. Communicating the product journey was also extremely important, through portraits of the farmers who care passionately about their animals and the land, visually demonstrating the quality of the grass on which they are reared, and the true provenance and highest ethical quality. Then capturing the products themselves for sale, and then I devised and created enticing recipes which were then photographed to inspire customers to use the products in the best way. A journey photographed with versatility and on brief, from field to fork.

In terms of the value added to our business, Robin’s incredibly high-quality photographs have been essential and have been a very sound investment.”


In their words

When we launched The Dorset Meat Company in 2018 as an online business, it was clear from the start we were going to need the best photography we could find to really showcase the quality of our grass-fed meat. We sell high welfare meat from small local farms who care about the quality of their product, their animals and the environment. Online really is a visual experience as customers can’t see the meat as you would in a local butcher. It was imperative that the imagery communicated the quality of our produce, in a way that elevated it above meat that you might find elsewhere, absolutely essential for our business to succeed in a competitive market. From the start Robin worked very closely with us to ensure he met our vision, and indeed he surpassed this with beautiful images full of interest that really show the very ethos of what we do. The images were so good, we rebuilt our website around them and they play an absolute crucial role in driving sales. The business has grown since, and we regularly come back to Robin for photography of new products, or lifestyle images telling the story of our farmers, and for his ability to write, cook and photograph recipes to showcase our products and provide vital content for our customers.

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