Euridge Manor wedding photographer

Euridge Manor exudes historic charm and elegance, providing a stunning backdrop for wedding photography. Its traditional architecture, beautiful gardens, and picturesque surroundings offer endless possibilities for capturing timeless and romantic images.

One of best features of shooting at Euridge Manor is its versatility. From the grandeur of the manor house to the rustic charm of its surrounding grounds, the boathouse and pond, there are numerous spaces to explore. The expansive windows and outdoor spaces allow for ample natural light to filter in, creating soft and flattering illumination for portraits throughout the day.

Euridge Manor exudes timeless elegance, with incredible light.

An award wining wedding photographer

I’m based just over the county border in neighbouring Dorset, and Euridge manor is a venue that fits perfectly with my style. I’m proud to be one of the Rangefinder Rising Stars of wedding Photography, as well as consistently in the Top 10 for the Masters in the UK, and Top 2 in England with the WPJA, which means you are in capable hands.

Your wedding at Euridge Manor

Euridge Manor is an idyllic setting for wedding photography, with its historic charm, stunning scenery, and versatile spaces making it an ideal location for couples looking to create beautiful memories of their special day.

Euridge Manor



Euridge Manor?

If you are getting married at Euridge Manor please get in touch, I’d love to talk about your plans!

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