Do we need a second photographer?


A second photographer is an important consideration for a wedding day, here are all the things you need to know, so you can decide if having a second photographer is right for you.

As the primary photographer, it is my objective to cover every element of your wedding day as best I can, with careful planning and years of experience to know how to put myself in the right place at the right time.

However, with the best will in the world, it is impossible to be in two places at once, as much as I would like to! If your day involves multiple locations and multiple timelines, then this is where a second photographer can add value to your coverage.

Key Points

I only ever use second photographers who are well established photographers themselves, and we work together regularly, shooting for each other. This is crucial for me, as we have a very high level of trust and understanding, and they know exactly what I need from them on the day. They always know to be somewhere different to me, so that we are always observing different things, with different angles, to give you maximum variety in the coverage.

We work closely together, and their style replicates mine, so that the photos all fit together seamlessly. This is essential for me, which is why I only use photographers i trust, and as they represent me, I only use the best. If you need me to, I will always share their details with you before the day so you can see examples of their work.

You can also opt for a second photographer much closer to the wedding, when you know how your timeline is going to pan out. As I only use primary photographers, it is only a few months out they know they will be free for the day, which is when I can get them booked in for you.

Same moment, different angles

Here are a few considerations to help you choose if you need a second photographer.


Simultaneous coverage of getting ready

Naturally the focus in preparations tend to be with the bride, but the groom’s story is just as important too! The way I see it, I want to be able to tell both sides of the story, it is the one part of the day when you don’t see each other, and it is only through the photos that you get to see what that part of the day looked like for each other.
Normally I try to move between the two of you, and we can work this with careful planning so I know where I am going to be and when, after all it would be rare for you both to be carrying out the finishing touches at the same, time, as the groom is usually at the ceremony well before the bride,

However if you are getting ready a distance apart, this can mean travel for me, which is time when I can’t be taking photos. This is one way a second photographer can add value, by giving you uninterrupted coverage of both sides of the story.



Different angles

With a second photographer, we will always be in different positions for key moments. As much as I would love to get the reaction of both of you as you walk down the aisle, it isn’t always possible, Unless there is a photographer focused solely on each of you.

Throughout the day, these different angles can make a difference. When I shoot on my own I will run around (a lot!) to capture different angles myself, so I will still often get them, but with a second photographer I can spend less time running, and more time shooting.


More coverage while group photos take place


A little part of me dies when I am taking group photos, and I can sense there is some serious fun and joviality going on in the background, that I feel I really should be shooting! You can of course have less, or indeed no group photos, but if they are important and capturing guest shenanigans at the same time is important too, then it is worth considering.


Extra depth

Having a second photographer won’t necessarily mean you get more photos. In some ways you wouldn’t want twice the amount of photos anyway. I still curate the photos down to roughly the same number, but perhaps the best way of describing the difference is a bit more depth to the coverage, with more different angles, and even more of those incredible moments.


Proportional value in your investment

Adding a second photographer is not paying couple, it is only a proportionally small addition which gives you two of us, not just me. All of the investment cost goes to the second photographer as. a fair wage for a hard day’s work, and I then carry out all the editing and curation. I only ever use well established regularly used photographers who I also reciprocate for on days when I am not booked, and I believe in paying the right price to get the best. Some photographers my use aspiring photographers looking to get a foothold in the industry and pay a low wage, but this won’t give you the quality in the coverage, and it is actually a distraction, as you are constantly having to consider where your second is and what they are shooting, and direct them through the day.


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