its your day
It is your day, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You should always feel that you are getting exactly what you want, never let a photographer tell you it can’t be your way.

Hopefully you have developed a feel for my style though my portfolio and biography. Just like anything in the planning of your day, making the right choice is important. ¬†I want to help where I can, and ensure that you make the right choice, even if that isn’t me.

I can be on hand to help with your planning, and any questions you might have in the run up to the day, and of course provide recommendations to help you on the way. With my 20 years of experience (showing my age, but I did start young!) as a documentary¬†wedding photographer. I’ve seen quite a lot, going back to the days of film!

If you are looking for photos of guests running away from photoshopped dinosaurs, endless group shots, being asked to look at the camera, and spending more time with your photographer than your guests, then I won’t be right for you.

But if those fill you with dread, and you want someone you can trust and forget about for the day, then great news, we are thinking along the same lines.

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Robin put us completely at ease, didn’t direct the day, and blended in to the background, allowing us to completely enjoy our day. It was perfect.


Sally and James

it’s your day