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Robin Goodlad, Dorset wedding photographer

“your story, beautifully told”

Robin Goodlad, Dorset based documentary wedding lifestyle and food photogrpaher

Hi, I’m Robin, and for me, documenting the journey of life is the most important thing in this world. Photography is why I exist, it is what defines me. It is all I have ever dreamed of doing. As a photographer, I feel privileged to call myself a craftsman with a camera. Whilst primarily based in Dorset, I will travel the world to work with the right people.


I simply love photography, and when not at work, I always have my camera with me, I could never be without one!



The key for me is using beautiful available and natural light, and timing the moment perfectly when composition, light and emotion combine in perfect harmony – this is the the key to documentary wedding photography – also known as reportage wedding photography, or wedding photojournalism. I am a perfectionist, and whatever I photograph, either a wedding, a lifestyle shoot, food photography or a landscape, everything has to be perfect.  If you would like to find out more about my style please browse through my portfolio, or find out a little more about how I work, and the wedding photography journey here.

The work I undertake is diverse, but the principles are the same. I see being able to switch between a wedding, a portrait shoot, or a food shoot as a strength, which gives me a deeper knowledge and understanding of photography. When not working on a commission, I will be out by myself with the camera and the dog, photographing the landscapes I love, to keep me inspired.

The key for me with all of my photography is using beautiful available natural light, and timing the moment perfectly when composition, light and emotion combine in perfect harmony.

As a documentary wedding photographer, my focus is upon capturing the true essence of the day as you intended, from start to finish. Only once I have done this, even if it is late at night, will I then consider packing up the bags. capturing the perfect record of a wedding is a huge responsibility and a privilege, and I absolutely love being part of a wedding day, and my work ethic reflects this.t wedding photographer.

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is essential, ensuring you connect with the style, so you know you will love the photographs. Photography is an investment, one which will be passed down through the generations. A camera is a tool, it is the photographer behind it that creates the magic. For me, it is absolutely essential to get to know you as a couple so that I can bring out the best in you. This is why all of my wedding coverage includes a complimentary engagement shoot, the moment to get creative and allow your personalities to shine, your wedding day photographs will be so much better for it.
When I photograph a wedding, all day coverage means just that, from dawn to midnight if required. It is your day, the story doesn’t finish at the first dance, and I believe your photo story shouldn’t either. I photograph quietly, though observation, not orchestration. We spend time getting to know each other beforehand, so on the day you will forget I am even there, and can concentrate on enjoying the day, safe in the knowledge your story is being captured beautifully.
If you are looking for a local wedding photographer, or if you are getting married elsewhere in the UK, or even further afield with a destination wedding, it would be great to hear from you, there is no limit on how far I will travel.
If you connect with my style of work and would like to talk about your wedding or portraits, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear your story and talk about working with you. you connect with my style of work, please do get in touch, I’d love to hear your story and talk about working with you.

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